Francesco Dalmasso e Elisa D’Amico

// Couchscore – a distance investigation on writing and transmitting scores

How to deal with missing physical presence on a specific location? The apparent absence of the body is a potential for a delocalized presence.
The simultaneity of video-calls on the Web generates opportunities for creation on distance, interaction, sharing, co-presence.
The chosen working tool is the score: a tool for developing structures to be tested in front of a webcam and co-executed on Google Hangouts.

Graphic and chromatic composition, presence/absence of the bodies, their interactions, the space they move in and its coordinates, with an almost cinematographic editing intention, are the funding elements of the score.

Our research focuses on the writing of scores and on their transmission from text to body. We wish to investigate the process of how reading transforms into action, through an elaboration.
The question of transmitting information comes into play, considering the relationship between the loyalty to a task while following indications and the personal freedom in the autonomy of execution.

// Couchscore is a path whose stages include the writing of scores, their execution, transmission, documentation and archiving, in a shared and open research perspective. It is a path that unfolds in different contexts and different ways, fostering an active participation and developing also from the contribution of the ones who sit on the couch with us.


a project by Francesco Dalmasso, Elisa D’Amico, Alessio Mazzaro


Si laurea presso ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (NL) nel 2012. Da allora, lavora come danzatore freelance per ProjectSally (NL), Compagnia Susanna Beltrami (IT), National Dance Company Wales (UK), Das Da Theater (DE), Maura Dessì (IT/FR), Aura Dance Theater (LT), Anna Marocco (IT). Collabora a nuove creazioni con, fra gli altri, Elisa D’Amico, Elisabetta Consonni, Alessio Mazzaro e partecipa alla Biennale College Danza con Alessandro Sciarroni. Dal 2014 organizza il progetto Re.Cre.Che. | Residenza Creativa Cherasco, una serie di residenze artistiche, performances e workshops nel teatro comunale di Cherasco.