Ambra Pittoni

Siate misteriosi e sarete felici
(If you’ll be mysterious, you will be happy)

This sentence was sculpted on wood at the entrance of Gauguin’s house on the Hiva Oa island. This is the title I have chosen for my actual research.
The work is part of a wider project based on the idea to experience time and space in a different ways through collective actions with the aim to blur the line between objects and subjects and other kinds of dualisms.
In a letter of 1939 Walter Benjamin writes about the end of time saying that the ideas and the pieces of art will join the realm of nature as, like nature, they reveal themselves by veiling themselves. Thus, the objects exist at the same time in a mysterious as well in an open way. Within the frame of Ricerca X I will be looking to create a set of tools to process behavior as a movement and collective behavior as a choreography. Specifically I am interested to understand how a collective behavior can affect the space and create a specific atmosphere.


Ambra Pittoni’s works are permeated by gestures (shown as well hidden) as she uses performance as a creative tool going beyond the sole artistic outcome.

Her projects are structured as maps in which several processes are activated simultaneously: observation – study – sharing – experiencing and learning.
Archipelagos in which various disciplines and approaches interact to build and widen the primary vision. Further on her education in fine arts, dance, dramatic arts, multimedia and philosophy, makes her work as the result of a continuous dialogue and breaching of disciplinary boundaries and artistic genres.

Since 2009 she collaborates with the french artist Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano.

They share a common interest for cinematographic aesthetic, nourishing a broader reflection on narration and narratives in order to amplify the imaginary related to a chosen sphere of reality.

She is involved in several tutorial activities and collaborating with independent artistic projects and institutions all around Europe. Among others: Maga Gallarate Museum of art, Careof/Viafarini (Milan), Zamek Ujazdowski Castle for contemporary art (Warsaw), Sophiensaele, Exile Gallery, Kellner Salon (Berlin), Cars (Omegna), Museo del ‘900 (Milan), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut), Lucie Fontaine (Milan), Theatre des Bernardines (Marseille), Museo Apparente (Napoli), Roberta (Frankfurt). In 2010 she won the price Experience, in 2014 she received a fellowship from Gai (Giovani artisti Italiani) to follow a residential workshop in Beirut with J.Toufic and A.Vidockle at Ashkal Alwan Beirut. In 2016 she won the price Artissima Fair Vinitaly.