Sharon Estacio

Further Studies in Crouching
This is the art of waiting, patience, hesitation, procrastination
Of fear and of hunger
In defense of the fruit of inaction
A study of our contradictions as people, as animals

crouch /kraʊtʃ/
(intransitive) to bend low with the limbs pulled up close together, especially (of an animal) in readiness to pounce
(intransitive) to cringe, as in humility or fear
Facciamo finta,
per un secondo,
che stare sdraiati a pensare
nella nostra casa
distesi sul letto
non sia mancanza,
tangibile ed estenuante vuoto,
ma pienezza e serenità.
Color ciclamino.
(Movimento per l’emancipazione della Poesia)

I began exploring the concept of procrastination with a small solo created in my living room, a study in crouching, which premiered at Dixon Place, NYC, in 2007. Some years later this concept resurfaced, after my move to Italy, in the form of an evening length work entitled bowl to the cat to the fairytale (The Avoidance Dance). The piece was created in 2012 over the span of a 10 days in which my collaborators and I (one coming from France, the other from South Korea and myself from Italy) found each other back in NYC. At the conclusion of this brief, intense creation period the piece premiered at Theaterlab, NYC, where we had scheduled only one show. Needless to say, the entire event felt very intense and very last minute but, at the same time, very natural (though for my colleagues maybe not so natural).

Back in Italy, from 2013 to 2014 I began to revisit some of the elements of this recent performance under the title more on The Avoidance Dance, thanks to residencies at DiDstudio/Fabbrica del Vapore (MI) and Teatro della Limonaia (FI). These sections (solo and duet) participated in the Nao Performing Festival, NAOCREA @ sezione Around Uovo Festival, Fabbrica Europa XX and Peer Coaching project with the support of Company Blu.

Early studies on procrastination:

a study in crouching (2007), choreography & performance: Sharon Estacio

bowl to the cat to the fairytale (The Avoidance Dance) (2012), direction & performance: Sharon Estacio with So Young Yang and Leïla Gaudin

more on The Avoidance Dance, in 3 episodes (solo) (2013),
choreography & performance: Sharon Estacio

more on The Avoidance Dance (duet) (2014),
choreography & performance: Sharon Estacio in collaboration with Lucrezia Palandri

(IT) Bowl to the cat to the fairytale (The Avoidance Dance)


Originally from New York, NY, Sharon Estacio is an American dance artist residing in Firenze, Italy. Her artistic process is driven by the lush complexity of the human condition and seeks to expose more absurd truths by ruffling those intricate (and often neatly tucked) folds. Her most recent project, The Reconciliation of Magik Salap (A Triptych), focuses on perception with respect to social and cultural identities developed out of context.