Teresa Noronha Feio

Collaborazione tra Teresa e Francesco Sgrò. Researching the vocabulary between dance, acrobatics and juggling.
The motivation words are resistance and resilience.

Inspired by the Israeli artist Meira Asher song, Maligora the sand child. This research wishes to touch the themes of gender and personality construction. Questioning the modernistic view of an iron hart built man: strong will and fixed ideals. Maligora the sand child can be seen as a work of surrealism. Revealing a never ending transforming body. Like the sand constructions that the water washes away.


Teresa Noronha Feio (Portuguese) graduated in 2010 as a dance theater performer in Fontys dansacademie, The Netherlands. Is co-creator of the collective Mammalian. And as a freelancer the most notorious collaborations were with: Vânia Gala, Einat Tuchman, Dot504, Chirs de Feyter, 320 Chili.

Francesco Sgrò (Italian) studied in Flic contemporary circus school. Is cofounder of the collective 320 Chili. Has danced for: Giorgio Rossi and Raffaella Giordano. Since 2012 is artistic director of Flic Circus School.


ph. Barbara Cali