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WORKSPACE RICERCA X – RESEARCH AND DRAMATURGY is a platform for supporting and developing artistic research and dramaturgy in the field of performance and choreography.

Founded in 2016, the project aims to open paths for the development and the legitimacy of artistic research in Italy, positioning itself in dialogue with Northern European models, and targets professionals in the dance and performing arts field. Over four editions Ricerca X has supported 41 choreographers through shared residency sessions.




The goal is to foster a discussion on contemporary performative and choreographic practices, by analysing the complexity of their cultural and strategic impact on the territory and by bridging creative thinking with other sectors, as a driving force for social change in an inter-scalar and transdisciplinary vision.

The project aims to long-term and wide-scale results, thus joining those actions heading towards sustainability. It does so by offering life-learning and market inclusion opportunities for artistic careers, while complementing the more numerous projects supporting artists in the production and distribution phase of their work.


The artist is welcomed in a space where he/she can experiment with new choreographic codes, conceive new work methodologies, enrich his/hers artistic journey through different formats such as: shared residencies and peer coaching, artistic and dramaturgical support, focus on research and artistic trajectory, thinking and making dance displays.

What the project offers is a non-neutral residency format, with specific work methods addressing a reflection on higher education and self-education of professionals and acting as creative processes accelerators.

Among the proposed activities there are also open events with different formats, focusing on the development and sharing of practices as well as on the production of a theoretical discursivity, in dialogue with other disciplines and fields of knowledge, through talks, lectures, conference days and symposiums.


Workspace Ricerca X – Research and Dramaturgy is back in 2021 with the program The ever practicing artist, renewing its commitment, witnessed by its six years of activity, to the emergence and consolidation of an artistic research culture in Italy.

For this year we place artistic practices at the centre of our reflections, animated by the desire of contemplating the plurality of approaches to work already existing on our territory and deepening the dialogue with the emerging singularities.



27 novembre > 07 dicembre 2023

RESIDENZE - II sessione

Lavanderia a vapore

27 settembre > 08 ottobre 2022

RESIDENZE - I sessione

Lavanderia a vapore

28 June 2021

Cosa Accade: Making Dance and sesto open


h. 14.00 – 16.00
shared training torino + Ricerca X
Lavanderia a Vapore

21 September 2021

Cosa Accade: sesto open and Thinking Dance


ORE 10.00 – 12.00
shared training torino e Workspace Ricerca X

Making room for critical thinking / 2023

Ricerca X 8th edition



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Centre specialising in applied research of one or more artistic disciplines in order to produce knowledge based on innovation.


Excerpt from ‘White Paper on Artistic Research’ AEC, Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen, 2015.

A form of research that possesses a solid basis embedded in artistic practice and which creates new knowledge and/or insight and perspectives within the arts, contributing both to artistry and to innovation.

  • It is usually conducted by the artist-researcher or through the collaboration of artists within a research team
  • It promotes critical dialogue within the artistic field, with other relevant fields of knowledge and between the scholarly and professional domains
  • It is supported by critical reflection on the content and/or context of the research topic
  • It articulates and reflects on methods and work processes
  • It shares relevant professional knowledge with the wider artistic community and disseminates it in the public sphere to the enrichment of cultural understanding


We could define the minor dramaturgy as that zone, that structural circle, which lies in and around a production. But a production comes alive through its interaction, through its audience, and through what is going on outside its own orbit.

And around the production lies the theatre and around the theatre lies the city and around the city, as far as we can see, lies the whole world and even the sky and all its stars.” – Marianne Van Kerkhoven

+39 340 54 34 897


Lavanderia a Vapore Pastrengo, 51 – Collegno (TO)


Download press release ed. April 2016 (it)

+39 340 54 34 897


Lavanderia a Vapore Pastrengo, 51 – Collegno (TO)


Download press release ed. April 2016 (it)


This vision emerged from multidisciplinary experiences developed in the daily exploration of the performative practices, in the theoretical interdisciplinary discourse and in the studies of international cultural policies.
The crossroad between these components direct our interest towards the phase of research, rather than the production, with the aim to serve, in a formal and informal way, the whole ecosystem of performing arts.

This project is born thanks to the relevant experience and dialogue with a.pass (advance performance studies), centre for the artistic research, based in Bruxelles, and the project peer-coaching initiated and curated by Company Blu, in Sesto Fiorentino.

concept by Carlotta Scioldo, Erika di Crescenzo / ass.cult. StandOrt
with the collaboration in the organization and development @2019 of  Erika Di Crescenzo, Ambra Pittoni, Francesco Dalmasso, Elisa D’Amico
graphic, web, photo Andrea Macchia
management, fundraising Vittoria Eugenia Lombardi

with the support of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo
in partnership with Università degli Studi di Torino and Zerogrammi / Casa Luft
peercoaching Company Blu


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