Carlotta Scioldo


Carlotta holds a master in Theater Studies at the University of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) and a second master in International Cultural Policies and Projects at the International Labor Organization and UNESCO Center (ITC-ILO).

She has been fellow researcher at New York University at DAAP and Tisch School of Arts working on choreography and performance studies. Consequently she was researcher at a.pass (advance performance studies) at DeSingel, in Antwerp.

She worked as freelancer dramaturg in the contemporary dance as well as she was involved in the coordination of different artistic projects and symposium.

Lately her work focused on structuring the artistic sectors in the framework of national and international policies. She has been guest lecturer and she attends international conferences.

After a short working experience at EACEA (European Commission), she joined the European Dancehouse Network as network and policy manager.

Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Polytechnic and University of Turin.