Amalia Franco


‘I imagine a numbered list in which to lose the thread, despite or given the presence of the numbers: the numbered list of exercises preparatory to the disappearance.’

The work acts as an ‘intensive body, locally active for jumps, rejects, vibrations and modulations’. More than a dramaturgical writing, it is a device, which gives the work the shape of a zibaldone of thoughts, or little children thoughts. The figure, the dancing body and the word are the elements suitable for the construction of specialized molecules, the single exercises, in which the technology of the body is active, which breaks up, binds and multiplies the cells. It is an exercise of appropriation and reckless use of codes, necessary for the localization (in the body) of thought.

The Exercises practice in indeterminacy, in the domain of the ‘more or less’, non-measurable. The focus is on the shift from the centrality of the work understood as a concluded fact to the composition as a decentralized place.


She is an independent artist and her research is centered on contamination between dance, puppet theater and masks. She collaborates with Quartetto Maurice e Giulia Lo Russo for ‘Corpo Unico’. She is author and performer in ‘Trittico. Cantillazioni’, in collaboration with Anna Moscatelli and Renata Frana. Always on the mix between dance, puppets and masks creates ‘Trittico. Lasciare andare con grazia’. As a performer he works for the Teatro del Lavoro in the ‘Histoire du soldat’ and with the company ‘La barca dei matti’, directed by Natacha Belova, Ifoperator Production. In 2015 she is selected in “Nuove Traiettorie”, project for the GdA, with an study of Moving Masks. She carries out studies and works on urban theater and dramaturgy of the landscape and creates ‘Tillandsie, drammaturgia urbana dei crolli’, project training in Taranto city, in collaboration with Lajos Talamonti and Leonardo Delogu.