Barb Bordoni

Currently, her research winds between mindwandering processes and participatory formats. Fusing drawing, somatic practices and improvisational exercises with influences from Butoh dance, they experiment with the emergence of synaesthetic landscapes, stimulating the neural link between touch and imagination. Their artistic approach is affective and unfaithful, transgressing technique by privileging the mixitè of experiences given by proximity, intimacy and direct contact with the surroundings.


Barb Bordoni / artist and performer
A heterogeneous training in art and performance (Accademia di Brera, Iuav di Venezia) accompanies a political self-learning that draws from transfeminist ethics and libertarian thought. They are the co-founder of the collective call monica (Santarcangelo festival, Swiss Institute) and co_author of the project Jungle, winner of Cross Project 2023. Since 2019 they have been actively working in the Italian art scene, especially in cultural contexts connected to the territory.