Francesca Saraullo

POOL LIKE PISCINA is an artistic practice born in continuity with “Archaeology of gesture”, a research project based on personal and archaic memories emerging from the pelvic core as a political act of reconnection to the matrix of the body and to the being who dances. With POOL LIKE PISCINA, I want to develop this study along three axes: archaic-body; animal-body; channel-body. The common intention is to stay in a time of subtle listening to let the body open perceptively and consciously to the impalpable that flows through me and the other in a continuous dialogue between past-present-future, by transforming the gesture into a sound and dancing vibration. Working on passive vigilance, activating a state of receptive presence, combining some somatic and energetic practices, I would like to translate this introspective and trans- identity process into a possible choreographic composition where the intimate merges into the whole and the individual breathes into the collective.


FRANCESCA SARAULLO (1984) is a multidisciplinary artist, Brussels-based choreographer, dancer-performer, video-maker and independent researcher. Saraullo graduated in Choreographic and Visual Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (ISAC/AeSP) after her studies in Multimedia and Performing Arts in Turin, Italy where she had prior attained her degree in Cinema and Media Engineering. Intensively trained in dance and theatre by international masters in France, Italy, Belgium and Austria (“Fondation Royaumont”, “College-Dance Venezia”, “ImPulsTanz-Vienna International Dance Festival”), she continues to advance her education in somatic and energetic practices (sensitive dance®, fasciapulsology, qi gong). From 2013 she has been producing her own choreographic works (ANAMNESIS, LUX, Et toi…, La Sospesa) and visual compositions (W., RACCOLTO, Moulbaix Dr., Ballerina, MiNunn) presented in various international festivals/museums/theatres. For 2020-2021 she received a grant from Charleroi Danse to support her research onto the “Archaeology of gesture”. Francesca collaborates with a variety of artists.​