Marta Olivieri

Trespass | processing an emerging choreography, wishes to open a space and time to contemplation. It fits into the research between the visible and the invisible and integrates the work of S.U.D.M.U.P. It wants to investigate the multiplication of the gaze and the emergence of a body, through absorption and restitution.
It uses coincidence but does not exclude discrepancy.
Two performers inhabit the space, observing the surroundings with the aim of returning an interpretation of it, generated by the encounter between the “me” and the context.
There is no division between audience and performer.
The observer, furthermore, can cross and modify the space by moving his point of view.

The structure of the work allows its continuous writing, presenting a new genre of emergence with each reproduction, as a consequence of the specific inhabited space.


Marta Olivieri is author and performer. Her artistic interests want to question the unforeseen contestaul datas that move a body. Writings, sounds, temperatures and the city landscape are the areas of her research.
The body moves between the visible and the invisible attempting a continuous happening on the sides of the structure it inhabits. The creative process wants to build a ground for a formal structure and its possible deconstruction to coexist. She attends Formazione Bartolomei Training and Modem courses at Scenario Pubblico. In 2015 she met Marta Ciappina, performer, movement coach and teacher, with whom she started an assiduous path of study.
She also studied with: M. Kejzar, M. Kilvady, G. Scarcella, J. Neves, A. Cristiani, E. Giannotti, M. Rizzo, C Delorenzi, E. Gervasi,A. Ajmone, C. Morganti, K. Takagi. In 2018 she graduated as a Somatic Movement Educator within the Body-Mind Centering®️ training program. During the same year she conducted somatic and compositional research workshops at Scenario Pubblico. She works as an interpreter for DOM-, she worked with Riccardo Guratti and Michele Rizzo. From 2019 she participates in the Roma Non Esiste project (DOM-) and is curatorial member of SiR. She collaborates as well with ATI Suffix, a collective of architects, artists, philosophers and researchers, whose work is intertwined with architecture and relational art. Besides, she collaborates with Roberta Mansueto | Takecare project.