Michela Depetris

TRANSFARAOKE (daffodils are 50% human) -> ballo mutante telepaticX is a project in progress. It is a hybrid performance that travels between karaoke, possession ritual, party, video and other things that are not yet well defined. It is a reflection on the connection between various realities (human, animal, vegetal, mineral, bacterial, extraterrestrial, technological, material, immaterial, telepathic, dreamlike) that compose the vibrating matter in which we are immersed and of which we form part, perceiving material not as something that separates and distinguishes things, but as something allowing their meeting and mixing. This research stems from my interest in contemporary rituals of encounter and from a fascination with the idea of ​​transformation. I start from the assumption that bodies are social flesh, active matter in relation to other matter that is constantly evolving, and that, therefore, there is no position outside nature. I explore formulas (magical? scientific? chemical?) to escape the trap of binary thinking and that make bodies permeable, contaminated and contaminating, porous, multi-species. I wrote: “I have dreamed of being an alien and of organizing popular karaoke on planet Earth, at-home parties to stir pupils, vocal cords, asses, legs, leaves, consciences. I have written texts full of banality into which I poured alien intelligence that entered humanity from the screen, effortlessly accompanying it so it can touch another dimension.”


She studied dance, performance practices and visual arts in Italy and Spain, crossing and meeting the work of many different artists such as La Ribot, Vera Mantero, Elena Cordoba, Olga Mesa, Xavier Leroy, Paz Rojo, Camille Hanson, Ester Ferrer, Juan Loriente, Matar Zamir, Silvia Calderoni/Ilenia Caleo, Claude Coldy, Raffaella Giordano, Doriana Crema, Giorgio Rossi, Motus, Marigia Maggipinto, Kinkaleri, Cesare Petroiusti, Matthew Barney. She works at the crossroads of performance, choreography and visual arts, often using music, sound/voice and videos as media to connect, touch and involve the audience. She investigates the ideas of transformation, ritual, natural and artificial, visible and invisible, exploring the connection between intimacy, gaze/vision, perception and vulnerability, using images and sometimes words, trying to re-create and discuss our complex approach to the present/future/past from a feminist/transfeminist/queer perspective. Her research is often playful, humorous, chaotic, mysterious, hybrid and poetic, tapping into the complexity of the present and trying to find an escape from anthropocentrism.
*She would like to be a mushroom, a frog, a chemical producing visions*.