Valerie Tameu

The A Thousand Ways to Fall project investigates the possibility of relating the body to its reflection, trying to make evident the residue of this liminal area.
The research passes through the study of the constitutive heterogeneity of the “body of the fall”, meaning the body in its double polarity, that is both as a physical object that undergoes the action of gravity, and as a social subject that deals with the inevitability of its condition by creating narratives, images, ways of existing/resisting.
Therefore, we refer to a physical and cultural body at the same time: the transgressive body, the pain-body, the female body, the body of love.
The fall, in one of its translations, represents the sign of punishment and finds a link with the concept of exceeding the limit and transgression of the norm.
The construction of the practice, which is intended to be both a custom and a unique event, has two key points. The first concerns the search for a poetic and non-imperative language, able to support the complexity that is needed to feed the imagination of the practitioners and to color the landscapes in which they move.
The second considers the investigation of the new-born body, i.e., an hyperbody that, after the first fall of birth, finds itself immersed in the extreme materiality of being exposed to the world and the discovery of its weight in a hyper-bodily experience.


Dancer and dance maker,
through a procedure of “affective mapping”, she loves to compose bodies and ideas to create landscapes made of relationships, associations and emotional geographies. In 2013/2014 she participated in the training course MoDem of Compagnia Zappalà Danza, in Catania. In 2017/2018 she graduated in DAMS, at the University of Turin, with a thesis in history of dance.
Furthermore, her view owes much to the encounter with the work of Lorenzo Bodi, Francesca Cinalli, Loris Petrillo, Anton Lachky, Marco d’Avenia, Daniela Paci, Doriana Crema, Gabriella Maiorino, Daniele Ninarello, Marta Ciappina, Chiara Bersani, Motus.
She collaborated with various shows and performance projects of Compagnia Tecnologia Filosofica, Balletto Teatro di Torino, Raffaele Irace, Laurent Pellisier, Paolo Armao, Masbedo, Alessio Maria Romano. Together with Teresa Noronha Feio and Annalisa Cannito, she is an author of Cronòtopia, winner of the tender Officin&Ideali-Residenze in transito 2019 and of A Thousand Ways to Fall.