Aurelio Di Virgilio


POEMS is a reflection on the power of dedications written in books. The interest in the vibrant and predictive aspect of this type of message opens the following investigation: How do the body, the space and the object change when we encounter dedications sent to other people? The dedication is for me a point in the story which represents in its brevity the completeness of the act. A microscopic and crystalline sign. The investigation wants to be an ode to the invisible, to all nocturnal, whispered communications.


Aurelio Di Virgilio (1995, Pescara) is performer and dance-maker who lives and works between Rome and Milan. He graduated from the school of Piccolo Teatro of Milan – Luca Ronconi (2017).
His choreographic and performative research is focused on heterogeneous tools such as choreographic scores, somatic practices, plastic elements and drawings to access personal memories and to reflect on the present we are living. Bodies are invited to relate to each other by reconsidering their identity and their gestural codes to get in touch with the other.
Since 2020 he has presented his works in theatres, museums and art foundations, including Cango – Cantieri Goldonetta (Florence), La Fondazione – Fondazione Nicola del Roscio (Rome), Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie (Livorno), Fondazione smART (Rome), Museo della Città (Livorno), Sala Santa Rita (Rome). He is part of the Prender-si cura 2021 residency program, curated by Ilaria Mancia at the Mattatoio (Rome). In 2022 he won the Più Erbacce research grant promoted in collaboration with BASE (Milan).He has collaborated as a performer for Collettivo Treppenwitz and as performer/assistant for Masako Matsushita on occasion of the project MOVING.