Elisa D’Amico

Elisa D’Amico is a freelance dancer and performer. She holds a BA in Dancer / Maker at  ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten (NL), graduating with a Minor in Maker – two years artistic research program.
Within The Netherlands and Italy she works with independent choreographers, companies, visual artists and museums and she starts a stable collaboration with Annika Pannitto.
She is also developing her own projects: Virgolette, co-created with Francesco Dalmasso, was the winning project of Permutazioni 2018-19, choreographic coworking curated by Zerogrammi/Casa Luft and Piemonte Dal Vivo; she has been part of Workspace_Ricerca X with the project //Couchscore – a distance investigation on writing and transmitting scores, co-created with Francesco Dalmasso and Alessio Mazzaro.
Since 2013 she works as Development Associate for Dance Italia (IT/NY) and Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup (NY). Since 2017 she is one of the curators of shared training torino.