Elisabetta Consonni


Elisabetta Consonni choreographs everything either human or non-human beings, movable or immovable objects, maps, games and space shuttle tours.

Degreed in Communication with a final thesis about the social construction of the body in dance and graduated at The Place- London Contemporary Dance School, she then deepened her individual research, especially into Somatic Movement and performing art, living in Nederland  (2004-2009) and Poland (2013-2015).

Her works Maquillage (2007), Fotoritocco (2011) and Plutone (2016) are set in the space between dance and different kind of languages. Since 2013 she is director of Ergonomica, a research project and European network investigating the relation between dance and architecture as strategy to activate participation in urban regeneration. Within the project she realized different kind of site specific performative actions and theoretical presentation: We want to become architecture ( Poland, 2014), Go with the flow (Poland, 2014), choreographed costruction of  Pompenpurg Park (Rotterdam, Biennale di Architettura 2014), Il secondo Paradosso di Zenone (Milan, 2016), Abbastanza spazio per la più tenera delle attenzioni ( Biennale Danza 2016), Spazio Ergonomico (theoretical symposium organized within the Biennale Danza 2016). In 2019 Ti voglio un bene pubblico wins the award Open- creazione[urbana]contemporanea.