Miranda Secondari

Where does the counterpoint, the tic, the slip, the deception, the illusion, the hallucination fit into choreographic writing?
My research is in the small event that triggers a change or generates a question, it is in the exchanged word, the unexpected gesture… what happens when these fragments of action multiply?
Starting from an almost mimetic work of daily actions, my research has led me to a deconstruction of the gesture, which I would like to lead to exasperation, inserting a crescendo of fragments and “parasitic” actions that, through a work on rhythm and repetition, perhaps become less and less recognisable, depriving it of its original meaning and in which the spectator can find his own symbolism and vision.


Choreographer, Performer and Yoga Teacher.
Her choreographic practice focuses on precise and time-dilated movements that lead to the emergence of unexpected images. Her work on the body between immobility and mobility explores the dichotomy between subject and object, sculpture and moving image, and highlights the relationship between body and space.
The performative intervention dialogues with and relates to the given space. The objects, costumes and sounds used on stage are things that are given a meaning, a symbolic value; during the performance the things and their value are brought to light or removed from the viewer’s eye. The peculiar contradictions of the human figure, made up of unexpected events, drama and irony, are the basis of his poetics.
She a degree in garden architecture and landscaping. She worked as a dancer for Lucia Latour’s company Altroteatro, founded the company Anagrama (2009-14) and has collaborated with artists and choreographers over the years. During her studies she got in touch with artists such as Romeo Castellucci, Yasmine Hugonnet and Silvia Rampelli.
She is currently working on the choreographic project FOLA, divided into two chapters (Fola Chapter 1 | Gherminella Chapter 2) with the support of the Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni and Fondazione CR Firenze and MAD_Murate Art District in Florence.