Sara Manente


Sara Manente is a performance artist, dance maker and researcher living in Brussels. She graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna in 2003 and finished the advanced research program in performance studies in a.pass in 2008. Coming from a dance practice that started with ballet in her childhood, her work comes out in hybrid forms: book launch, 3Dfilm, written text, interview, choreographic piece, workshop, telepathic experience, collaboration, et al. Her two major dance pieces are Lawaai means Hawaai (2009) and Faire un four (2011), followed by a longer research project focused on the critical relationship between dance and language: Spectacles (2016-18). From 2012 to 2016, she has been working with Marcos Simoes questioning notions of collaboration and the relation with the audience by making performances and workshops. In 2019 she received a research grant from the Flemish Authorities for Wicked technology / Wild fermentation: “by linking practices of fermentation, feminism and artistic research, I am interested in putting together techniques that transform thought, perception and doing (of togetherness) in live cultures and live arts.”