Teodora Grano

What writings do we use to write?

The research core is located between the body and the word. TEXTSUALITY is the research concept. Another form of sensuality in the space of ambiguity between semantics and sensibility. Writing as a sensory organ, as a relationship between bodies.

If the word is dance, the text is the body and the raw material of the choreographic action.

Writing to refine the the perception, a to actively produce a multitude of meanings, to imagine other worlds, to invent other bodies.

What makes a body a body?


Author, performer. Based between Ferrara and Roma.

She worked without permanent residency in the field of contemporary theater, circus, performing arts, contemporary dance, mainly in unorthodox formats, both creating or taking part in projects.

She trained and worked between: Wroclaw, Berlin, Bruxelles, Roma (DA.RE. Dance Research 2018-2020).
Founder of the collective ALIX MAUTNER. She works for CollettivO CineticO since 2018.

Inclined towards relational devices, to inhabit theatrical and public spaces, to agitate the body. She is part of the portion of humans for whom writing is a sensory organ.

50% punk 30% ironic 20% serious.